Open Positions

Job Description

Program Implementation

• Regularly visit schools to provide on-site support, monitor progress, and ensure the program's effective execution.

• Conduct demonstration classes to exemplify best teaching practices.

• Perform classroom observations and offer constructive feedback to teachers and school officials.

• Establish a telephonic support system to foster a community of learning among teachers.


Program Planning

• Take the lead in training teachers in identified cluster schools across multiple districts.

• Conduct comprehensive teacher training programs spanning eight states.

• Develop effective strategies for teacher training sessions and create relevant educational content.

• Produce teacher reference materials and comprehensive lesson plans.


Reporting and Stakeholder Management

• Maintain meticulous documentation of program activities and generate detailed reports.

• Prepare review documents and collaborate with officials to continuously enhance the program.

• Cultivate strong relationships with government entities and educational partners.

• Regularly update authorities on program progress and actively engage in relevant forums.

• Collaborate on annual planning and ensure the successful execution of action plans.

• Provide leadership and motivation to local teams to achieve program objectives.


Content and Media

• Capture program successes and challenges through compelling storytelling.

• Actively support the Marketing and Communication team in engaging broader audiences and boosting program visibility.


Interested candidates, send resumes at with a cover letter